The Story Behind UCLA's Newest Residential Restaurant

What's in a Name?

The Café 1919 name honors the founding of UCLA in 1919 — a milestone in the development of the University of California. During its 90-year history, UCLA has earned a reputation as one of the most innovative and prestigious universities in the country. It attracts top students — the leaders of tomorrow — who are Café 1919 customers today.

A Feel for Tradition and Style

The ambiance of Café 1919 reflects the style of a modern eatery in Milan, combined with the use of images in the menu and packaging reflective of UCLA's original buildings like Royce Hall and Powell Library. The influence of Italian Romanesque architecture used in early campus buildings sets the tone and character that remains the foundation for UCLA's architecture today.

Italian Cuisine with Contemporary Flair

Italian tastes have also influenced California's cuisine and Café 1919's menu. In recent years, chefs in California have evolved Italian dishes into a light, sophisticated style that emphasizes freshness, vibrant flavors and takes advantage of California's bounty of produce and locally-made food products.

Café 1919 is rooted in tradition, but developed to meet the taste of today's students. Based on traditional Italian fare, menu items offer modern twists and focus on authentic flavors, quality ingredients and skillful preparation.

A Classic in the Making

UCLA Dining Services is proud to present Café 1919. Like the great UCLA campus, Café 1919 is destined to be a classic!