Shipping of hazardous materials is highly regulated and violations may subject the shipper to fines and prosecution from regulatory agencies. At UCLA, shippers are directly responsible for the legal packaging, labeling, documentation and record retention of all hazardous materials shipments. This guide will assist you to get all the information you need to ship a hazardous material from UCLA.

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Definition of Hazardous Materials

Hazardous materials are defined as articles or substances that are capable of posing an unreasonable risk to health, safety, property, or the environment. This includes chemical, biological and radioactive materials.
The Department of Transportation (DOT) regulates the shipment of hazardous materials by ground and the International Air Transportation Association (IATA) regulates shipment by air.

To determine if a material is classified as a hazardous material, review the Hazardous Materials Table available in the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 49 CFR Section 172.101. UCLA Office of Environment, Health and Safety is also available to assist in classifying the materials.

Categories and Process

If your package meets the definition of a hazardous material, you must determine the material's category and follow the instructions below.


Obtain Shipping Biological Materials training to ship biological materials. EH&S Biosafety is available to assist in further classifying biological materials to ensure you receive the appropriate certification. The shipper and employer (department) must both retain a copy of the certification to serve as a record of training. Training is required every two years, or as duties change.


Obtain training designed to meet DOT's training mandate (49 CFR 172 Subpart H). A list of compliance training providers* is listed below for your convenience:

*UCLA EH&S does not endorse any of the companies listed


EH&S Radiation Safety is responsible for the shipment of all radioactive materials from UCLA. Please contact them at or (310) 825-5396.


Packaging and Labels

Once you have been properly trained, packaging and labels for your shipments can be purchased from any of the suppliers listed below or any other suppliers of your choice.

Vendor Phone VCK BruinBuy Short Name
Saf-T-Pak 800-814-7484 094084001 SAFTPAKINC
U-Line 800-295-5510 080580004 ULINESHIPP
AllPak 800-245-2283 180938001 ALLPAKINC
DG Supplies, Inc. 800-347-7879 122138001 DGSUPPLIES
Nalgene Labware 800-625-4327 129741001 NALGENELAB
Thermosafe 800-323-7442 184182001 THERMOSAFE


Courier Service Providers

As an alternative to becoming trained to ship the materials yourself, a courier service can be used to package and transport hazardous materials safely and according to regulation.

Vendor Phone Agreement #
American Cargoservice  800-508-4888 0000KNA122
DHL Dangerous Goods 866-817-3794 n/a
FedEx Dangerous Goods 800-463-3339 n/a
UPS Hazardous Materials 800-554-9964 n/a
World Courier 800-231-7227 n/a


Export Controls

The shipment of a controlled physical item from the United States to a foreign country, such as a piece of scientific equipment or a biological material, may require an export license. Be sure to secure license approval or verify license exception prior to shipment of all controlled items. Contact the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research for further guidance. View the UCOP Shipping Export Controls webpage for more information.