Steps  Detailed Information
Define the Scope of Your Event and Seek Assistance
Define Your Event or Conference Goals  
Your Departmental Staff Will Assist You With All Event Planning
Select the Best Date for Your Event  
Create an Event Fact Sheet and Timeline
Refer to Web Resources on Event Planning  

Create an Event Budget

Determine Funding and Create an Event Budget
Locate a Venue and Reserve
Find an Appropriate Campus Venue for Your Event
Confrm Your Venue Reservation Through UCLA Events Online  

Create Printed Materials

Review the Basic Elements of an Invitation, Reply Card and Map Insert
Follow Printed Materials Timeline and Guidelines
Know Event Policies and Procedures
Learn How Event Policies Protect UCLA, Your Attendees and You  
Calendar the Chancellor, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost, and Chancellor’s Spouse at Events  
Arrange a Dignitary Visit to Campus  

Plan Your Event Program

Use Event Planning Tools and Worksheets
Brief Your Event Sponsor and Provide Speaking Remarks

Make Event Arrangements

Determine What Campus Services You Need for Your Event 
Place Orders With Off Campus Vendors 

Market Your Event

Find the Best Ways to Promote Your Event 

Hold Your Event

Be Prepared on the Event Day 
Know How to Handle Event Emergencies
Follow Up on Post Event Items
Evaluate Your Event
Finalize the Billing