The following is information from the UAN Student Resident Handbook. Please choose from the following PDFs:

Moving In and Getting Acquainted
  About Your New Community
  The University Apartments Staff
  Moving into Your Apartment
Important Things to Know
  Payment of Rent
  Routine Maintenance Services
  After-Hours Maintenance Emergencies
  Care and Cleaning of Your Apartment
  Your Role in the Community
  Community Safety
  Earthquake Preparedness
Transfers, Terminations and Moving Out
  Moving Out of Your Apartment
  Damages and Miscellaneous Charges
  Campus Resources
  Community Resources

University Apartments Rules and Regulations

Note: The information contained in the UCLA University Apartments Student Resident Handbook was verified at the time of publication and is subject to change. Services not affiliated with UCLA were selected based on their use by UCLA students and/or proximity to the Westwood area. No endorsements are intended or implied.